Solar-Terrestrial Environment
ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-170-7
Proceedings of the International Symposium on Planetary Science 2011
Edited by Shoichi Okano, Yasumasa Kasaba and Hiroaki Misawa
Publication date: 2019, 102+viii pp.
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ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-160-8
An Introduction to Space Instrumentation
Edited by K. Oyama and C. Z. Cheng
Publication date: 2013, Hard cover, 240+viii pp.
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ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-147-9
Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System (CAWSES): Selected Papers from the 2007 Kyoto Symposium
Edited by Toshitaka Tsuda, Ryoichi Fujii, Kazunari Shibata, and Marvin A. Geller
Publication date: 2009, Hard cover, 352+viii pp.
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ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-138-7
Advanced Methods for Space Simulations
Edited by H. Usui and Y. Omura
Publication date: 2007, Hard cover, 282+viii pp.
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ISBN No.: 4-88704-127-6
Present and Future of Modeling Global Environmental Change: Toward Integrated Modeling
Edited by T. Matsuno and H. Kida
Publication date: 2001, Hard cover, 458+xx pp.
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ISBN No.: 4-88704-121-7
Nonlinear Waves and Chaos in Space Plasmas
Edited by T. Hada and H. Matsumoto
Publication date: 1997
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ISBN No.: 4-88704-111-X
Computer Space Plasma Physics: Simulation Techniques and Software
Edited by H. Matsumoto and Y. Omura
Publication date: 1993
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ISBN No.: 4-88704-110-1
Primitive Solar Nebula and Origin of Planets
Edited by Hiroshi Oya
Publication date: 1993
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ISBN No.: 4-88704-105-5
Neutrinos in Cosmic Ray Physics and Astrophysics
Edited by K. Sakurai
Publication date: 1990
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Cosmic Ray Astrophysics
Edited by Minoru Oda, Jun Nishimura, and Kunitomo Sakurai
Publication date: 1988
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Computer Simulation of Space Plasmas
Edited by H. Matsumoto and T. Sato
Publication date: 1984
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