Fisheries Sciences
ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-156-1
Introduction for Fisheries and Aquatic Biology
Edited by Hisashi Kurokura and Neelam Ramaiah
Publication date: 2011, Hard cover, 318+xvi pp.
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ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-144-8
Fisheries for Global Welfare and Environment
Edited by K. Tsukamoto, T. Kawamura, T. Takeuchi, T. D. Beard, Jr. and M. J. Kaiser
Publication date: 2008, Hard cover, 270+xxiv pp.
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ISBN No.: 978-4-88704-151-6
Coastal Environmental and Ecosystem Issues of the East China Sea
Edited by Atsushi Ishimatsu and Heung-Jae Lie
Publication date: 2010, Hard cover, 306 + xxiv pp.
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