TERRAPUB Journal of Oceanography

Journal of Oceanography, Vol. 58 (No. 1), pp. 121-136, 2002


Progress in Scatterometer Application

W. Timothy Liu*

Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology, M.S. 300-323, 4800 Oak Grove Dr., Pasadena, CA 91109, U.S.A.

(Received 7 August 2001; in revised form 20 September 2001; accepted 20 September 2001)

Abstract: Progress in the scientific application of space-based scatterometer data over the past two decades is reviewed. There has been continuous improvement in coverage, resolution, and accuracy. Besides the traditional applications in weather and ocean-atmosphere interaction, which are based on ocean surface wind vectors, emerging applications over land and ice are also described. Future missions and new technology are introduced.

*Corresponding author E-mail: liu@pacific.jpl.nasa.gov

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