TERRAPUB Journal of Oceanography

Journal of Oceanography, Vol. 57 (No. 6), pp. 735-741, 2001

Short Contribution

Path Transition of the Kuroshio Due to Mesoscale Eddies: A Two-Layer, Wind-Driven Experiment

Kazunori Akitomo* and Masao Kurogi

Department of Geophysics, Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University, Kyoto 606-8502, Japan

(Received 19 April 2001; in revised form 13 June 2001; accepted 14 June 2001)

Abstract: We have executed numerical experiments using a two-layer, wind-driven ocean model with simplified coastal geometry and bottom topography to investigate the possibility of the Kuroshio path transition due to mesoscale eddies. A straight path easily changes into a meandering path due to the eddy action. For this transition, an anticyclonic eddy is preferable to a cyclonic one when imposed in the beginning region of the Kuroshio (east of Taiwan). When imposed southeast of Kyushu, on the other hand, a cyclonic eddy is more effective than an anticyclonic one. The reverse transition, from a meandering to a straight path, did not occur at all in this experiment.

*Corresponding author E-mail: akitomo@kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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