TERRAPUB Journal of Oceanography

Journal of Oceanography, Vol. 57 (No. 2), pp. 177-188, 2001

Excess CO2 and pHexcess in the Intermediate Water Layer of the Northwestern Pacific

Andrey Andreev*, Makio Honda, Yuichiro Kumamoto, Masashi Kusakabe and Akihiko Murata

Japan Marine Science and Technology Center, 2-15 Natsushima-cho, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 237-0061, Japan

(Received 28 April 2000; in revised form 23 October 2000; accepted 23 October 2000)

Abstract: Excess CO2 and pHexcess showing an increase in dissolved inorganic carbon and a decrease in pH from the beginning of the industrial epoch (middle of the 19th century) until the present time have been calculated in the intermediate water layer of the northwestern Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea. It is concluded that: (1) The Kuril Basin (Okhotsk Sea) and the Bussol' Strait areas are characterized by the greatest concentrations of excess CO2 at isopycnal surfaces due to the processes of formation and transformation of intermediate water mass. (2) The largest difference in excess CO2 concentration between the Okhotsk Sea and the western subarctic Pacific (about 8 mmol/kg) is found at the sq = 27.0. (3) The difference in excess CO2 between the western subarctic Pacific and subtropical regions is significant only in the upper part of the intermediate water layer (sq = 26.7-27.0). (4) About 10% of the excess CO2 accumulation in the subtropical north Pacific is determined by water exchange with the subarctic Pacific and the Okhotsk Sea.

*Corresponding author E-mail: andreev@jamstec.go.jp

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