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Information for Contributors to "Data" category

The "data" category includes the following three types of manuscripts; scientific report, database, and compilation dataset. The category calls for analytical repots of valuable geochemical data and datasets (databases) that are of international interest to geochemical research and contribute to its development. For example, scientific reports of chemical compositions and isotope ratios of internationally available geochemical reference materials and extraterrestrial materials. The category does not call for a new scientific discovery, but provides scientifically meaningful and reliable datasets. The submitted manuscript is reviewed in terms of the value of the data and its utility. In particular, the validity and rigidity of experimental and observational procedures, data generation processes, and statistical processes are reviewed by specialists.

Manuscript Preparation
Manuscripts should be written in English. Each manuscript should be organized in the following order: title, authors' full names, affiliations, abstract, keywords, text, acknowledgments, appendix, references, figure captions, tables, figures, and supplementary material. The SI units should be used according to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) guidelines.
Abstract should not exceed 350 words and should be followed by five keywords. The introduction must provide a background of the data, database and potential benefits. Methods should include detailed analytical procedures, experimental design, and computational calculation, that are easily reproducible. Technical validation and statistical processing of data or alternative criteria of data must be described to support quality control, such as statistical analyses of experimental error and variation. The Results and Discussion should include chemical compositions and isotope ratios of internationally available geochemical reference materials or alternative reference materials to evaluate the accuracy of the data. It is highly recommended that some applications of datasets are discussed. The following items are optional, but would be informative: (i) usage notes of the datasets to assist researchers, such as information on database design, structure, contents, and uniform resource locator (URL), (ii) file format, and (iii) instructions for users. Large tables and supportive figures should be submitted as a part of the Supplementary Material.

Formats of the manuscript, figures, and tables
Acceptable manuscript formats are PDF and MS Word. The acceptable formats of the figures are TIFF, PICT, PostScript (PS and EPS), and PDF. The acceptable formats of tables are PDF and MS Word. Large tables of supplementary material in PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Access, XML format, and csv format can be accepted.

The Geochemical Society of Japan retains ownership of the copyright for all articles in the Geochemical Journal. "Data" of the Geochemical Journal is published under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC-BY License) as of March 2020. An item of "Data" can be available (e.g., quote, reuse, transfer, and modify) to anyone without restriction under the CC-BY license, as long as the author, year, title, volume, and pages are properly credited. The author(s) can choose to apply the CC license attribution and no-derivatives (CC-BY-ND) license to the work, which do not allow the distribution of the modified items of the original (only verbatim copies of the work). If the manuscript includes works or items created by others, the author shall give notice of the copyright as well as obtain permission from the copyright holder for secondary use in the manuscript under the CC-BY-ND license. The details of the CC license are available at https://creativecommons.org/licenses/.

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