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Extended Instructions to Authors

Detailed instructions for submission to Geochemical Journal — July 2009

Scope and overview

Geochemical Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal devoted to original research papers in geochemistry and cosmochemistry. It is the primary journal of the Geochemical Society of Japan. Areas of research are as follows:

Mineral and Rock Chemistry,
Volcanology and Hydrothermal Chemistry,
Isotope Geochemistry and Geochronology,
Atmospheric Chemistry,
Hydro- and Marine Chemistry,
Organic Geochemistry,
Environmental Geochemistry

Papers submitted will be judged from the standpoint of scientific originality and novelty. Papers are expected to provide unique and important new ideas or information on geochemical and cosmochemical problems and to give implication of broad rather than local significance to the geochemical community.

Submission Procedure

Submission to Geochemical Journal is taken to mean that all the listed authors have agreed all the content. The corresponding author is responsible for having ensured that this agreement has been reached.
Manuscripts should be submitted online by the corresponding author at https://www.editorialmanager.com/gj/. The Geochemical Journal editorial office may be reached at gj@geochem.jp. The manuscripts processed by the Editorial Office receive a consecutive number in the format GJ1XXX (ex. GJ1108). Please use always this number in all your correspondence with the Editors.

Evaluation Procedure

An Associate Editor specializing in the subject area will arrange for a review and will communicate directly with the authors (some papers are handled by the Executive Editor or the Vice Executive Editor). The Executive Editor and the Vice Executive Editor, however, reserve the final decision on publication. If a paper is considered to be very important, the Executive Editor, the Vice Executive Editor and the Associate Editors will assist rapid publication by reviewing the paper. If the Associate Editor asks to revise the text, the revised version should be submitted within a certain time limit:

Minor revision - 1 month
Major revision - 3 months

After this period, the article will be regarded as a new submission.

Papers must not have been previously published. Authors must agree not to submit elsewhere a paper submitted to and accepted by Geochemical Journal. If some part of the paper have been submitted or published elsewhere, the authors are required to disclose it and to explain the reason for including those sections.

Proofs will be supplied to the author for final correction before publication. A reprint order form will be sent with the proofs.

Categories of published papers

Geochemical Journal publishes papers in five categories: Invited Reviews, Articles, Notes, Express Letters, Data, and Critical Comments.

Invited Reviews
The Editor exclusively solicits these papers. Unsolicited Reviews will be automatically discarded. Invited Reviews provide summaries of scientific progress in selected frontier fields and provide new interpretation. The aim of Invited Reviews is to enhance the understanding and to promote the interaction among major areas of the geochemical community.

They are the principal mode of reporting research. They present important new results and deal with major studies that address a significant area of interest to the readers. They should be as concise as possible. Text cannot exceed 6500 words excluding abstract, acknowledgements, references and figure captions, not more than 80 references, and not more than a total of 10 figures plus tables. Large tables should be submitted as part of Supplementary Material. Abstract should not exceed 350 words. Papers exceeding the size requirements could be send back to authors for changes, before evaluation procedure starts.

These are short reports intended mainly for data presentation to benefit the geochemistry community. Short papers dealing with new idea and/or new experimental method are also accepted as Notes. Text should not exceed 1500 words. Abstract should be of 150 words. The paper should include not more than 10 references and 3 figures. Tables, if any will be printed as Supplementary Material.

Express Letters
These are short, timely papers which report a new idea, experimental method, discovery, invention. They should not exceed 6 printed pages, including all tables, figures and references. The editors will assist rapid publication of Express Letters, and papers of this category will normally be published within two months after submission. Text should be not more than 6 printed pages including abstract (250 words), acknowledgements, references and figure captions. A maximum of 20 references and 2-3 figures are accepted plus tables.

These are analytical reports of valuable geochemical data and datasets (database), which are of international interest to the geochemical research and contribute to the development field. The category does not call for a new scientific discovery but provides scientifically meaningful and reliable datasets.

Critical Comments
They may also be submitted on a paper previously published in Geochemical Journal. The author of the original paper will be given the opportunity to prepare a reply. Critical comments and replies are reviewed and edited as Articles.

Special Issues
Groups of papers on a particular topic will be published together by previous arrangement with the Executive Editor in a Special issue of Geochemical Journal.

Manuscript Format and Text Requirements

The Executive Editor and Vice-Executive Editor will assume the responsibility to reject automatically manuscripts that are not properly organized, following the basic requirements here below illustrated.

1. Papers must be written in good English (American or British usage is accepted, but not a mixture of both). The text should be concise and readily understandable. The manuscript must be typewritten or computer-printed on A4 paper, double-spaced and single column format and with a margin of at least 2.5 cm on each side. Both hardcopy and electronic manuscripts should use standard 12-point fonts Times, Times New Roman and Symbol.

To assist reviewers, please add continuous line numbering to your manuscript.

The first page should contain the title, author list, permanent addresses of all authors and telephone number, fax number and e-mail address of the corresponding author. Please add also five keywords. The technical description of the methods used should only be given in detail when such methods are new. The essential contents of each paper should be briefly described in the abstract.

2. Authors are requested to send with the manuscript a Cover Letter briefly describing the subject, aim and major findings of the submitted paper. The Cover Letter should include also the phone and fax numbers and e-mail address of the corresponding author and a list of five suggested reviewers (names, addresses and e-mails). Authors can also demand to exclude some potential reviewers but they have to clearly explain the reasons of their exclusion in the Cover Letter.

3. Four hard copies of the text and illustrations are required if submitted by mail. Original drawings of illustrations should not be sent until the final revised manuscript is submitted to the publisher for printing. Authors are also requested to send an electronic version of the manuscript (abstract, text, and tables in Word format and figures in PS/EPS/AI/JPG/TIFF or BMP format) when the paper has been accepted.

4. Manuscripts should be submitted online by the corresponding author at https://www.editorialmanager.com/gj/. The Geochemical Journal editorial office may be reached at gj@geochem.jp. Submit a file containing the same items as requested above (the entire manuscript and a separate file containing the cover letter) in Word format .DOC or in PDF format. Figures can be included in a Word file or in a PDF file. Please avoid large files exceeding 3 M by reducing the pixel resolution or the size for initial submission. Larger file sizes will be accepted after acceptance for publication of the manuscript.

For the revised version of the manuscript and the final version to the publisher, it is strongly recommended to the authors to rename their files using the Geochemical Journal number assigned.

Example: GJ0236_Text. GJ0236_Figure1.tiff, GJ0236_Table1.pdf etc.

5. Tables should be prepared in Word format. The tables should be properly organized following as possible the final format here below reported as an example. Notes to the table should be listed using lettering and put as footnote below the table.

6. Manuscripts should be organized in the order; title, abstract, text, acknowledgments, references, tables, figure captions, figures. Manuscripts not properly organized will be sent back to authors for correction before reviewing.

7. Final version of the illustrations should be prepared on separate sheets, in PS/EPS/AI/JPG/TIFF or BMP format. PDF format should be preferred for the initial submission only. They should be clear, large and bold to permit reproduction at a reduced size suitable for inclusion in the journal. Arial or Helvetica should be preferred for lettering. All illustrations should be numbered consecutively and referred to in the text. Figure captions should be provided on a separate sheet. Color reproduction is available, but the cost is borne by the author. The charge for a color figure is 100,000 yen per page (approx. 1000 US$).

8. Responsibility for the accuracy of bibliographic citations lies entirely with the Authors. References in the text should be listed at the end of each paper in alphabetical-chronological order as illustrated by the following list. When listing several papers by the same author, some of which are multi-authored, the sequence should be: first author only, chronological; two authors, alphabetical on second author; for three or more authors (cited as first author et al. in text), chronological. Note that authors' names are in capitals and lower cases throughout the paper and that there are commas separating the authors' last names and initials. A template of EndNote is available at http://endnote.com/downloads/style/geochemical-journal.

For example:
Scott, A. B. (1993)
Scott, A. B. (1999)
Scott, A. B. and Butler, E. F. (1994)
Scott, A. B. and Glasby, C. D. (1990)
Scott, A. B., Glasby, C. D. and Butler, E. F. (1996)
Scott, A. B., Butler, E. F. and Glasby, C. D. (1999)

References must be in the following format:

Masuda, A. and Akagi, T. (1989) Lanthanide tetrad effect observed in leucogranites from China. Geochem. J. 23, 245-253.

Ozima, M. and Podosek, F. A. (1983) Noble Gas Geochemistry. Cambridge Univ. Press, 367 pp.

Chapter in a Book:
Simoneit, B. R. T. (1978) The organic chemistry of marine sediments. Chemical Oceanography 7 (Riley, J. P. and Chester, R., eds.), 233-311, Academic Press.

Maruoka, T., Matsuda, J. and Kurat, G. (1998) Xenon-HL in the Magura IAB iron meteorite (abstract). Meteorit. Planet. Sci. 33, A97.

Proceedings of an Annual Conference:
Taylor, L. A., Onorato, P. I. K. and Uhlmann, D. R. (1977) Cooling rate estimations based on kinetic modeling of Fe-Mg diffusion in olivine. Proc. Lunar Sci. Conf. 8th, 1581-1592.

Hashizume, G. (1963) Change in calcium carbonate polymorphs by grinding. Dr. Sci. Thesis, Osaka City Univ., 135 pp. (in Japanese).

When the reference is not written in English, a note such as "(in Japanese)" or "(in Japanese with English abstract)" should be added at the end of the reference's title. A template of EndNote is available at http://endnote.com/downloads/style/geochemical-journal.

Submission checklist

Before to submit a manuscript you should ensure that the following items are present:

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