TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 60 (No. 6), pp. 699-703, 2008


Ice Box Calorimetry: A useful method for estimating heat discharge rates through steaming ground

Akihiko Terada1, Tsuneomi Kagiyama1, and Hiromitsu Oshima2

1Aso Volcanological Laboratory, Kyoto University, 5280 Kawayo, Minami-Aso, Kumamoto 869-1404, Japan
2Usu Volcano Observatory, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, 142 Tatsuka, Sobetsu, Hokkaido 052-0106, Japan

(Received November 7, 2007; Revised January 20, 2008; Accepted January 22, 2008; Online published July 4, 2008)

Abstract: We developed a new technique, Ice Box Calorimetry, for estimating heat discharge rates through steaming ground. Ice within an aluminum box provides a powerful tool for measuring the total heat transfer from the ground surface, including conductive heat, convective heat, and latent heat within vapor. Using this method, we are able to rapidly measure heat discharge rates without the need for specialized apparatus. Applying Ice Box Calorimetry to the Nishiyama steaming ground at Usu volcano, Japan in September 2006, we identified local variations in heat discharge rates. The total heat discharged from the entire geothermal area in September 2006 is estimated to be 27 MW, which represents just 1% of the rate immediately following an eruption from the volcano in 2000.
Key words: Ice Box Calorimetry, ice, steaming ground, heat discharge rate, Usu volcano.

Corresponding author E-mail: terada@aso.vgs.kyoto-u.ac.jp

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