TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 57 (No. 4), pp. 297-301, 2005


Tsunami due to the 2004 September 5th off the Kii peninsula earthquake, Japan, recorded by a new GPS buoy

Teruyuki Kato1, Yukihiro Terada2, Keiji Ito2, Ryuji Hattori2, Takenori Abe2, Toshihide Miyake2, Shun'ichi Koshimura3, and Toshihiko Nagai4

1Earthquake Research Institute, the University of Tokyo, Japan
2Technical Research Institute, Hitachi Zosen Co. Ltd., Japan
3Disaster Reduction and Human Renovation Inst., Japan
4Port and Airport Research Institute, Japan

(Received December 20, 2004; Revised April 5, 2005; Accepted April 6, 2005)

Abstract: A tsunami due to the 2004 M7.4 September 5th earthquake off of the Kii peninsula, Japan, was recorded at the GPS buoy newly designed and established in April 2004, about 13 km off of the Muroto Promontory, southwestern Japan. The tsunami arrived at the buoy about 8 minutes before its arrival to the nearest tide gauge station at the tip of the Muroto Promontory. The predicted tsunami record based on preliminary source model shows excellent agreement (rms 2.7 cm) with the observed GPS record. This demonstrates that GPS buoy observations can be used not only for a tsunami warning system, but also for precise determination of the tsunami source.
Key words: The 2004 off of the Kii peninsula earthquake, GPS buoy, Tsunami.

Corresponding author E-mail: teru@eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp

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