TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 53 (No. 11), pp. 1093-1097, 2001

Very early collisional evolution in the asteroid belt

Stuart J. Weidenschilling1, Donald R. Davis1, and Francesco Marzari2

1Planetary Science Institute, 620 N. 6th Avenue, Tucson, Arizona 85705, U.S.A.
2Universita di Padova, Via Marzolo 8, I-35131, Padova, Italy

(Received December 9, 2000; Revised April 9, 2001; Accepted April 13, 2001)

Abstract: The asteroids probably experienced significant collisional evolution while the solar nebula was present. Planetesimals were brought into resonances with Jupiter by orbital decay due to gas drag. They were stirred to high eccentricities, resulting in hypervelocity collisions, while the non-resonant population was experiencing accretion at low velocities. Possible consequences include transport of bodies from the outer to inner belt, thermal processing and collisional disruption of planetesimals, and production of chondrules by shock waves.

Corresponding author E-mail: sjw@psi.edu

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