TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 53 (No. 6), pp. 585-591, 2001

Seemingly intersecting flaring loops in microwaves: Possible radio evidence for reconnection

M. R. Kundu1,2 and V. V. Grechnev3,4

1National Astronomical Observatory, Mitaka, Tokyo 181, Japan
2University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, U.S.A.
3Nobeyama Radio Observatory, Nobeyama, Japan
4Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics, Irkutsk, Russia

(Received May 18, 2000; Revised August 1, 2000; Accepted September 7, 2000)

Abstract: We present possible radio evidence of magnetic reconnection in a solar flare—an LDE event of GOES class M3.2 that was observed on 1999 February 16 on the disk. Our evidence is based upon the facts that we observed a bright microwave source-blob at 17 and 34 GHz near the intersection of two seemingly intersecting flaring loops or as a loop-top source above one flaring loop. The bright microwave source is clearly non-thermal and its time profile is similar to those of the flaring footpoint microwave sources; and in the late decay phase of the event the microwave source structure is similar to that of the corresponding SXR source.

Corresponding author E-mail: kundu@astro.umd.edu

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