TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 52 (No. 12), pp. 1163-1165, 2000

An evaluation of candidate geomagnetic field models for IGRF 2000

Susan Macmillan

British Geological Survey, Murchison House, West Mains Road, Edinburgh, EH9 1LS, Scotland

(Received February 7, 2000; Revised June 9, 2000; Accepted June 15, 2000)

Abstract: A global evaluation is made of the four candidate models for IGRF 2000 (main field and secular variation) that were submitted to the IAGA Working Group V-8 by the deadline in February 1999. A description of the data used and the method of modelling is summarised for each candidate model. The models are then compared with one another and with recent data from observatories and magnetic surveys. It is concluded that none of the candidate main-field models is sufficiently good for an IGRF and that a new model should be derived using Ørsted data.

Corresponding author E-mail: S.Macmillan@bgs.ac.uk

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