TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 52 (No. 11), pp. 989-992, 2000


Decadal correlation between crustal deformation and variation in length of day of the Earth

Qing-Liang Wang1, Yun-Tai Chen2, Du-Xin Cui1, Wen-Ping Wang1, and Wei-Feng Liang1

1Second Center for Crustal Deformation Monitoring, CSB, Xian 710054, China
2Institute of Geophysics, CSB, Beijing 100081, China

(Received December 31, 1999; Revised September 2, 2000; Accepted September 19, 2000)

Abstract: Recently, in comparing with Earth rotation data, we found some exciting correlation phenomena between length-of-day (LOD) and crustal deformations as well as stress observations in China, the correlation appears most typically on decade time scales and seems to be direction-dependent. As LOD variation induced stress and deformation is far less than the observed ones, we infer that decade variations in crustal deformation and stress are very possibly attributed to the core-mantle coupling process, just like LOD decade variations are attributed to core-mantle coupling. More detailed and extended investigations are going on, and we believe that the similar correlation phenomena should also exist in other part of the world. The LOD-correlated crustal deformations are expected to provide a better constraint on verifying the real core-mantle coupling mechanism, topographic, electromagnetic or gravitational coupling.

Corresponding author E-mail: wangql@public.xa.sn.cn

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