TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 52 (No. 11), pp. 985-987, 2000


On optimal geodetic network design for fault-mechanics studies

M. D. Gerasimenko1, N. V. Shestakov1, and Teruyuki Kato2

1Institute of Applied Mathematics, 690041 Vladivostok, Russia
2Earthquake Research Institute, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

(Received October 21, 1999; Revised August 10, 2000; Accepted August 22, 2000)

Abstract: This paper deals with the optimal design of GPS geodynamic geodetic networks. A simple strike-slip fault-model is used to investigate the design of networks and to decide where to place geodetic stations in order to satisfy the accuracy of fault-model parameter estimates, which sites should be selected from the initial mass of permissible points which are bounded by topography and other conditions.

Corresponding author E-mail: mdger@iam-mail.febras.ru

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