TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth, Planets Space, Vol. 51 (No. 11), p. 1153, 1999


1998 Western Pacific Geophysics Meeting was held in Taipei on July 21–24. Related to small bodies and dust in the solar system, there are following sessions:
Dust and planetary rings
Indirect measurements, theoretical modelling, and source of cosmic dust
Sources of cosmic dust, dusty plasma, and planetary rings
Analog experiments for the processes in cosmic dust, and chemistry on the surface of water-ice
Overall 40 papers were presented in these sessions. Dr.\ Akira Fujiwara and Dr.\ Tadashi Mukai, who acted as session conveners, proposed that the outcome of the presentations in these sessions should be published in a special issue of Earth, Planets and Space. This proposal was subsequently accepted by the editorial committee of Earth, Planets and Space.
This special issue consists of 10 contributed papers, which were submitted and accepted for publication. A wide variety of papers from asteroid dynamics to aerosol analysis were accepted. I would like to express my acknowledgements to the authors and reviewers of the submitted papers.

EPS associate editor
Sho Sasaki

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