TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 51 (No. 10), pp. 1127-1133, 1999

Forty years of MTS studies in the Ukraine

Alexander I. Ingerov1, Igor I. Rokityansky2, and Viktor I. Tregubenko3

1Dneprogeophysica, Geological Survey of Ukraine, Ukraine
2Institute of Geophysics, POB-338/7, Kiev-146, Ukraine
3Geological Prospecting Institute, 78 Avtozavodskaya str., Kiev-254114, Ukraine

(Received December 11, 1998; Revised May 25, 1999; Accepted July 12, 1999)

Abstract: Extensive EM studies have been made in the Ukraine during the last 40 years and a set of reliable results have been received. Data from 3000 Magnetotelluric soundings are presented as maps of effective apparent resistivity at periods of 150 s and 500 s and impedance phase at T= 150 s. The principal results are: S1 map at the scale 1:2500000, tracing and study of Carpathian, Kirovograd and Donbas regional conductivity anomalies, a map of the crustal conductivity for Ukrainian Shield, a study of faults.

Corresponding author E-mail: alingers@aracnet.net

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