TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 51 (No. 10), pp. 1073-1078, 1999

The placement of the Trans-European Suture Zone on the Romanian territory by electromagnetic arguments

Maria Stnic, Dumitru Stnic, and Cornelia Marin-Furnic

Geological Institute of Romania, Ro-78 344, Caransebe Str. 1, Bucharest, Romania

(Received October 26, 1998; Revised February 25, 1999; Accepted May 4, 1999)

Abstract: Initially, two 2D models are presented in order to emphasize the possible placement of the Trans-European Suture in the rooted zone of the Eastern Carpathians' Flysch Nappes System. Then, a conclusive review of the distribution of the main geoelectrical properties on this area is accomplished, pointing out the accuracy of the image reflecting the two types of contrasting basement, without neglecting the complex aspect related to the Carpathian Arc Bend. By correlating the two maps, at the lower crust and basement levels, elaborated by electromagnetic data, new information concerning the particularities of this distinctive tectonic element are brought to light. In addition to it, the two extreme top limits on the map of the lower crust (brittle/ductile transition zone) are revealed—the highest one (30 km) eastwards of the Pannonian Basin, and the deepest one (about 50 km) in the Vrancea area.

Corresponding author E-mail: stanica@ns.igr.ro

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