TERRAPUB Earth, Planets and Space

Earth Planets Space, Vol. 51 (Nos. 7, 8), pp. 741-743, 1999

Simultaneous observations with a sodium lidar and an MF radar during PREASA-2 campaign

Hu Xiong1, Xun-jie Zhang1, Shun-sheng Gong1, and Kiyoshi Igarashi2

1Wuhan Institute of Physics and Mathematics, The Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan 430071, P.R.China
2Communication Research Laboratory, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Tokyo 184-8795, Japan

(Received July 28, 1998; Revised January 14, 1999; Accepted January 14, 1999)

Abstract: Simultaneous observations with a sodium lidar in Wuhan, China (30.53°N, 114.37°E) and an MF radar inbreak Yamagawa, Japan (31.20°N, 130.62°E) were conduced during the PREASA-2 campaign from Feb. 22 to March 15, 1996. Some observation results are given. The gravity wave induced velocities measured by both techniques are estimated to compare the gravity wave activities between the places with same latitudes and different longitudes. We found that RMS velocities in Yamagawa were larger than those in Wuhan, which suggest different gravity wave activities between the two places.

Corresponding author E-mail: hx@nmr.whcnc.ac.cn

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