No. 1

(38) 1, 1986
Auroral X-Ray Bursts and ULF Geomagnetic Pulsations during Magnetospheric Substorms
M. Kodama, R. Fujii, T. Kohno

(38) 11, 1986
Geomagnetic Secular Variation Recorded in Remanent Magnetization of Silty Sediments from the Inland Sea, Japan (Seto Naikai)
M. Hyodo, K. Yaskawa

(38) 27, 1986
Magnetization of a Stalagmite in Akiyoshi Plateau as a Record of the Geomagnetic Secular Variation in West Japan
H. Morinaga, H. Inokuchi, K. Yaskawa

(38) 45, 1986
Two-Dimensional Modelling of Resistivity Structure beneath the Tohoku District, Northern Honshu of Japan, by a Finite Element Method
Y. Ogawa, T. Yukutake, H. Utada