Memoirs of the Graduate Schools of Engineering and System Informatics Kobe University, No. 5, pp. 7-9, 2013

Dynamical Visualization of Vector Field via Multiple Streamlines in Virtual Reality Environment


1Graduate School of System Informatics, Department of Computational Science

(Received August 30, 2013; Accepted October 17, 2013; Online published October 28, 2013)

Keywords: Data visualization, CAVE, Virtual reality, Vector field, Simulation data analysis

In order to visualize a vector field in a three-dimensional virtual reality environment, a generalization of the streamline visualization method is proposed. In this method, multiple streamlines are traced in real-time. The seed points of the lines are placed on a virtual beam emitted from a portable controller. As one varies the position and direction of the controller by hand, the beam and therefore the seed points follow the motion, and the streamlines change their three-dimensional shape in real-time.

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