Memoirs of the Graduate Schools of Engineering and System Informatics Kobe University, No. 4, pp. 1-7, 2012

An Incrementally Expandable Core House for Disaster Reconstruction: Two Cases in Yogyakarta, Indonesia after the Central Java Earthquake

Elizabeth MALY1, Tamiyo KONDO2, Yoshimitsu SHIOZAKI3

1Graduate Student, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture
2Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Architecture
3Professor, Department of Policy Science, Ritsumeikan University

(Received November 14, 2012; Accepted February 18, 2013; Online published February 27, 2013)

Keywords: Post-disaster housing, Central Java Earthquake, Core House, Expandable Housing

The process of post-disaster housing reconstruction is a major factor for survivors to be able to regain stability in their lives, which is the underlying goal of disaster recovery. Along with the implementation of reconstruction programs, the form and the design of the housing itself can have a significant impact on residentsí lives. In the process that starts from emergency shelter immediately after a disaster though the phases of recovery and ultimately to permanent housing reconstruction, the housing used in the temporary or transitional phase can play an especially pivotal role. After the Central Java earthquake that struck the city of Yogyakarta, Indonesia and surrounding region in 2006, the housing reconstruction process incorporated an incrementally expandable core house. This study looks at the outcome of the core houses in 2 different villages south of Yogyakarta, the pottery village of Kasongan, and a rural village of Tlogo in Kebon Agung. Differences in timing and funding sources for the implementation of the core houses in these cases resulted in different outcomes, and different levels of success in terms of expansion. Through this study we can understand both the potential of the core house in post-disaster reconstruction, and also the importance of coordinated implementation for its success.

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