Memoirs of the Graduate Schools of Engineering and System Informatics Kobe University, No. 2, pp. 1-7, 2010

Study of Quantitative Visualization of Sound Field Using a Ripple-Tank

Akira MICHIWAKI1, Michihisa TSUTAHARA1, Kentaro MAE1, Masaharu MORI2, Takashi AOYAMA3 and Keiichi MURAKAMI3

1Graduate School of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
2Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering
3Numerical Analysis Group, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency(JAXA)

(Received October 20, 2010; Accepted January 20, 2011; Online published January 25, 2011)

Keywords: Sound Field, Quantitative Visualization, Ripple-Tank Experiment, Sound Scattering, Water Drop

The ripple-tank experiments have been used for the visualization of the aero-acoustics, but they have been qualitative visualization. The purpose of this research is to obtain quantitative data from the ripple-tank visualization. The optical devices were set up to use the shadowgraph method and the images were digitalized. The Poisson equation governing the wave height, corresponding to the sound pressure, was numerically solved by the finite difference method. In order to examine the validity of the presented technique, a comparison with the theoretical results was conducted on scattering of plane waves by a circular cylinder and a reasonable result was obtained. The ripple tank experiments were shown to be able to estimate the sound field quantitatively.

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